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Multi Couplings
No matter if your company is in the machine or automotive, transportation or offshore industry, elaborated and high-quality coupling systems like multi couplings are required. Walther Praezision Quick Coupling Systems, a German company based in Haan, has an international reputation for its high standard and task-oriented products. Walther Praezision cooperates with more than 27 international sales representatives worldwide. Find a list on our website for further contact details of our global network. The company offers a new online shop which makes ordering of multi couplings simple and quick. In general, Walther Praezision offers coupling and docking systems like multi couplings for various applications and for all major industries.  Our customers can be found in the machine, pharmaceutical and offshore industry as well as in aviation, aerospace or the tool industry. Walther Praezision offers cleverly devised technical solutions for different industrial applications, for example standard couplings like multi couplings or couplings for pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Additionally, we supply a wide range of special series for various purposes like thermal oil couplings.
The products which you can find on our website are all standardised. If any of the offered multi couplings do not fit your individual application’s needs, please feel free to contact Walther Precision’s headquarters or sales representatives. We are delighted to fulfil your individual challenges. Walther Praezision has convinced international clients for years by high-quality work, by innovative technological standards and know-how.
Check out our website. There, we provide special brochures and manuals for different industry sectors and applications for download. You can also find additional information about our German, European and global salesmen network and further background information on multi couplings.
In the automotive industry, our clients benefit from our technical expertise concerning multi couplings. With these products, they can reach a maximum of productivity. Successful global car and engine manufacturers rely on our multi couplings for connecting, measuring, regulation and testing. All kinds of jobs can be performed by our mono couplings, multi couplings and docking systems. As the automotive industry’s operation procedures have a high level of automation, like press tools, testbeds, and robotics, quick and safe connects and disconnects of fluid and electrical lines between stationary and mobile components are essential.
Also the steel and aluminium industry are convinced by our products as they are well-known for their longevity also under extreme conditions. Our stab plates are used for many special applications, like liquid steel transport in thin slab casting facilities and the automatic gas supply of belt type annealing furnaces.

Further information ander: www.walther-praezision.de